About us

A Great Food Delivery Service

Who are we ?

Companions of Virtue LLC, was created with you in mind. As a child I observed my father’s work hard mentality in construction and my mother’s faithful commitment to customer service in the hotel industry. Also, along with having two great work role models, my parents instilled in me the importance and value of being and having trustworthy friends and neighbors, hence the name Companions of Virtue.
Fast forward 10, 15, 20, something odd years later after leaving the comfortable nest of my parents home, I too found myself committed to working hard and faithful. I found the workplace to be full of energy (some low, some high), personality (positive as well negative), and purpose- to feed our families and give them the best that we possibly can! However, I also found that the workplace can be not so kind as to allow staff members adequate time to do minor or necessary task for themselves or the family some of us leave at home.

Companions of Virtue LLC, fuses together the seemingly lost virtues of hard work and commitment. We are in business to bring convenience to the hustle and bustle of the everyday life be it home, school, or work related. Furthermore, we commit ourselves to each client, be they individual or group, everyone is important to us. Finally, we thank you in advance for choosing Companions of Virtue LLC, to service you, staff, or family.